Sandhu (Varinder) Singh's life journey spans continents and dives deep into the world of art.

A Journey from Chandigarh to Canada

Sandhu Singh, hailing from the culturally rich city of Chandigarh, was on a path where survival trumped artistic aspirations in his early years. However, at the age of 21, he embarked on a life-altering adventure to Canada. His arrival in a new land was far from easy, with challenges that included adapting to a foreign culture and scraping by financially, even resorting to salvaging fresh fruit from garbage bins to make ends meet. Yet, Sandhu looks back on these trials as valuable stepping stones that sculpted the unique contours of his life.

From Dishwasher to Culinary Maestro

Sandhu's Canadian journey began as a dishwasher, but it didn't end there. His relentless pursuit of stability led him through various jobs until he found himself in the kitchen as a cook. Little did he know that this culinary realm would become a canvas for his artistic talents, where he expertly blended flavors from both Eastern and Western cuisines.

Art Ignites in the Heart of Hardship

Amidst the hustle and bustle of his culinary pursuits, an unexpected spark ignited Sandhu's passion for art. As a dishwasher, he fell head over heels for a piece of art and determinedly saved up to make it his own. This moment marked the inception of his artistic journey, a journey that would take him to unexpected heights.

Education, Family, and Artistic Awakening

While diligently working to support his life in Canada, Sandhu didn't let go of his thirst for knowledge. He pursued higher education, earning a bachelor's degree in Science in nursing from the University of Victoria. Encouraged by his supportive wife, Emily, he decided to explore the world of art. In 2007, he took his first art class, venturing into the realm of artistic expression.

The Rise of an Artist

Sandhu's artistic growth was marked by his membership in the Federation of Canadian Artists of Victoria and his participation in juried shows that garnered recognition for his work. He made a pivotal choice to create only original art, a decision that profoundly influenced his artistic path.

Drawing Inspiration from Two Worlds

Sandhu's art is a reflection of the duality he experiences, living at the crossroads of Indian and Canadian values. His paintings draw inspiration not only from his surroundings but also from his vivid imagination and cherished memories.

A Heartfelt Commitment to Giving Back

Beyond his art, Sandhu serves as a Cardiac Nurse at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC. He generously donates his paintings to support various healthcare causes. He also shares his passion for art by conducting demonstrations at schools and offering workshops on watercolor painting.

The Family That Paints Together

Sandhu's family plays a pivotal role in his artistic journey. His children actively engage with his art, providing candid critiques that inspire growth. Their involvement underscores the profound connection between art and family in the Singh household.

Art as a Tale of Mood and Healing:

Sandhu's artistic philosophy centers on encouraging budding artists to draw abundantly and prioritize mood and storytelling over commercial success. His own artistic journey took an unexpected turn when he grappled with complex PTSD. In the depths of his struggle, art emerged as a beacon of healing and joy, guiding him through the labyrinth of emotions and experiences.

Sandhu Singh's life story is a captivating narrative of resilience, passion, and artistic triumph. It showcases the transformative power of creativity, the importance of unwavering determination, and the profound connection between art and the human spirit. His ability to weave his Indian heritage with Canadian experiences into his art adds an extraordinary depth to his work, making him a truly remarkable artist.